This is a unique, interactive virtual exhibition of 36 of the world’s great paintings from the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, Italy.

The art is shown in digital form on Touchscreens; each masterpiece is displayed not as a typical “hanging-on-the-wall” image, but on a special separate screen. Each masterwork is shown full-size and with high colour fidelity; it is exactly as though viewing the original work - but with one powerful additional feature:

The visitor can touch any portion of the painting and immediately zoom in to see a crystal-clear, magnified image of that section. This enables him or her to do what is impossible in a traditional gallery - view every part of the masterpiece in the most minute detail.

This ability to “go into” the painting and see the detail in breathtaking clarity significantly enhances the viewing experience.

• To build on this, there are 36 panels - each giving unusual and interesting details of the artist, and stories surrounding each chosen work (how it was commissioned, why it was created/presented in this manner, and so on).

As well, a card alongside the image gives basic information about the artist and the art work.

In combination, these things enable visitors to get to know the artist and the master work in an unprecedented ‘Up Close and Personal’ way.

Artists represented

Artists whose works are featured in the exhibition include -
Leonardo da Vinci
Michelangelo Buonarroti
Filippo Lippi


Presentation of the Exhibition

The design of the exhibition is open and very clean. The display area consists of six spaces, five of which are given to the art works.

The other – the first space the visitors enter – establishes the location and creates the atmosphere. Here they are immediately taken into surrounding Florence, and then step into the Uffizi Gallery itself.

In the display spaces, some screens are wall-mounted, others free-standing. Likewise the information panels.


The Uffizi Gallery houses one of the most fascinating and famous art collections in the world. But touring the great works is either not permitted or presents security, transportation and other problems that make the exercise prohibitively costly. Consequently, it has required a trip to Italy to visit the master works.

This exhibition makes the treasures accessible to people outside of Florence. And not only can they be enjoyed exactly as the originals, the “Up Close and Personal” presentation means visitors can enter into and explore the works in a way that is quite impossible in conventional displays.

People who have visited Florence will also be drawn to the exhibition - to re-visit favourites and discover new aspects of the works they could not have seen when they viewed the original.

We have been able to select the absolute gems of the collection, but the cost of mounting (and visiting) the exhibition is kept realistic. The exhibition requires no special facilities; there are no special lighting or other requirements, and security and staffing needs are minimal.

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