Heron Exhibitions

Heron Exhibitions
creates and circulates interactive exhibitions it has developed for museums, galleries and other organisations. (We also will work with you to develop and travel your own exhibition or create a joint venture.)

Our exhibitions cover a wide variety of subject matter and time periods, from the fields of fine art, photography, antiquities, architecture, anthropology, cultural history, cinema and science.


They are available to all organisations in all countries, are extremely effective and surprisingly affordable.

Please click on the links at the top of a page to view up-to-date information about each of our current exhibitions.

Each exhibition comes as a complete package. Everything arrives ready to install, with Web site, advertising and public relations materials, including sample press release.

Displays are designed so that the size and exact presentation of the exhibition can be easily adjusted and scaled to meet the budget and space you have available.

We are extremely flexible, and it is possible to incorporate artefacts from your own collection into our displays. We will work closely with you to complete the installation, promote the exhibition, and deal with any issues that arise.

• Each Heron Exhibition has merchandise associated with it for visitors to purchase, and most have a specially prepared publication.

In all the exhibitions, atmosphere is boosted with lighting, giant projected images, sound and special effects.

Heron Exhibitions are selected and presented to appeal to a very broad range of visitors – and attract new visitors. They are designed to boost attendance and enhance the reputation of the exhibitor by making the visitor’s experience intriguing, informative and exciting.

Your Collections

If you have collections or exhibitions available for circulation, please let us know. Or you may have artefacts that would add to one of our exhibitions; we will be happy to discuss a joint venture.

• We can also work with you to create an exhibition using information and artefacts in your collection that are not presently on public display.

We have the experience and the resources to develop and maximise the potential for a successful exhibition and tour, and would like to discuss the possibilities with you.

The final arrangement in every case is tailored to each exhibition’s particular goals and requirements.


We tailor our packages to suit the client, and fees and specific arrangements will depend on what you want and what will work for both of us. Where necessary, the size and scope of our exhibitions can usually be scaled to meet your budget.

In some cases we are also prepared to discuss an arrangement tied to share of the admission fees, or variations of that.

Absent a special arrangement, exhibitors are responsible for an exhibition loan fee, insurance, and shipping costs.

Please e-mail, call or fax (telephone/fax) to begin our dealing or to receive additional information about our exhibitions and services.