In the way that at the time all roads lead to Rome,
in Rome all roads lead to the arena…

This exhibition is a fascinating re-creation of the city and life in Rome during the period 300BC to 100AD - with special focus on the arena, the epicentre of the whole Roman society.

Visitors are taken to the city as it was at that time; and, against the backdrop of contemporary life, they see and experience first-hand a culture that for centuries celebrated death as public sport, and explore the fascination of the gladiatorial spectacle.


The Rome of the period is faithfully created as a vibrant, living city - brought to life using videos, artefacts, full-size images and unique, full-colour digital interactive reconstructions created after years of meticulous research.

Specially-composed contemporary music and sound effects complement the exhibits, to create a completely authentic experience.

• Visitors discover the size and splendour of the Empire as soon as they enter; then they are drawn through the exhibition as the story unfolds through three interlocked themes in nine further spaces that show life in the eternal city and what occurred during the Age of the Gladiators –

A The Setting


The Roman Empire – Images, virtual re-creations and maps establish the size, breadth and power of the Empire
The City of Rome – Surround-images and a giant virtual re-creation allow visitors to move through the ancient city exactly as it was during these centuries; artefacts and re-creations enhance the feeling of ‘being there’
Rules and Rulers – Emperors, the Senate … images, attire and instruments; scrolls and written codes of laws still relevant today – regulating construction, entertainment, food…

B Daily Life

The Domus – Re-creations and articles used in the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, living area of a home of the time

Roman Lifestyle – daily living, work, meeting places, dining
Baths, Temples, Public Buildings
Taverns, Food and Wine, Public Markets

C Leisure Activities

The spectacular events in amphitheatres, circuses and theatres were the most important leisure activities of the masses throughout the Roman Empire and they are brought to life through recreations, videos, armour, weapons, and artefacts.

Visitors experience…

Amphitheatres, Circuses and Theatres
The Colosseum
The Gladiators and Games

… discovering the origin of the Games, the beginnings of gladiatorial life; selection, training, daily life and accommodation of the gladiators; different types and styles, equipment, weapons and armour used; sea battles, wild beast hunts, a chariot and chariot race, public executions... and the “fan merchandise” bought by spectators.

‘Now and Then’ Graphic Guides

Before leaving, visitors have access to ten giant touch screens where they can visit Rome now. Then with a touch of the screen they can go back in time and see the exact same part of the city as it was when built. They can stop anywhere they like, view the city or building from every angle, move around inside the buildings in the city, and zoom in to see crystal-clear details.

For further information contact: Gladiators@HeronExhibitions.com