Heron Exhibitions is a division of Heron Media
Group Limited, a New Zealand company

The CEO of Heron Media is Marshall Bird LL.B LL.M, who has been a lawyer in the arts and entertainment fields for many years, and is actively involved in the business side of the publishing and entertainment industries.

Marshall received his Master of Laws degree from the University of Michigan, after graduating with a Bachelor of Laws degree as Senior Scholar in Law from the University of Auckland. As an Attorney at Law in Beverly Hills, California, he represented many high-profile clients, established publishing and entertainment businesses, and taught business and marketing with one of his famous clients.

He was the executive in charge of production of the 26-part TV series "Explore," with James Coburn, and has co-produced videos that have been seen around the world - one featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger, another the famed dog-trainer, Barbara Woodhouse.

In New Zealand, where he is also a Barrister and Solicitor, he founded and controlled a daily newspaper, and a multimedia publishing company. He has had four books published, dealing with business financing, the Internet and marketing.

Lucia Luo
is responsible for the programming
and technical aspects of all the Heron Exhibition
“Up Close and Personal” productions. 

In addition to being an officer of the company,
Lucia is the exhibition display software designer
and a special advisor on Chinese culture and the
Terracotta Warriors of Qin.  

She holds a Bachelor of Computer Science degree
from XiangTan University in China, and a Post-
graduate Diploma in Information Systems from
The University of Auckland.



The Uffizi, Gladiators and Pompeii exhibitions have been developed in Europe in collaboration with the Director of the Florence Arts Club, Avio Mattiozzi. Avio was born in Rome, studied art and architecture in Rome and Florence, and was a founder of Altair4 multimedia group. Altair4 is now one of the foremost companies in the world specialising in computer graphics and the production of multimedia interactive programmes; it also creates virtual reconstructions of archaeological sites for museums, universities and commercial publishers.

With Altair4, Avio liaised and directed productions for Walt Disney, Discovery Channel, National Geographic, Antenne 2 French TV broadcasting, RAI Italian television, TVNZ, Mondadori Publishing, De Agostini Publishing, Thames and Hudson publishers, and Heron Media publishing.

During the 12 years he spent in New Zealand, he lectured in design and architecture at the University of Auckland and UNITEC. As well, he produced many interactive programmes for business, language and applied skills courses.

Avio has also operated as an architect, and an artist - exhibiting in Italy, France, UK, USA and New Zealand. He was the art director of two international galleries - Cobra Fine Art Gallery in San Francisco; Galerie Altamira in Auckland – before becoming the director of the Florence Arts Club in 2003, when he based himself in that city. There he exhibits works of a range of artists from around the world.

For the past 10 years he has consulted to organisations engaged in international trade and cultural exchanges, including the Italian Embassy in Wellington, the New Zealand Embassy in Rome, and NZTE in Auckland and Milan. He also coordinated a number of events for the two most recent America’s cup challenges.